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Serum Institute Of India Gears Up On The Vaccine Development And Takes The Next Big Step!

With several big countries gearing up and looking into the whole vaccine situation to combat the ongoing pandemic terror and also to or prevent the second wave of Coronavirus cases as well.

Serum Institute CEO Made A Big Announcement About The Ongoing Vaccine Development!

The reputed medical industry has taken its next big step with Serum Institute of India’s Chief Executive Officer Adar Poonawalla announcing that the firm has already applied for emergency use approval of the Covidshield vaccine which is currently being developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University. The comfy CEO has been keeping people updated through the official Twitter account as we can see that the institute sure is berating up for the next big step amidst pandemic terror.


The reputed medical firm has teamed up with the UK-based drug manufacturer to produce the vaccine in India. Prime Miniter Narendra Modi recently visited the Serum institute of facility that is located in Pune and reviewed the ongoing development of vaccines.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Visited The Serum Institute To Look Into The Development.

Narendra Modi had a detailed discussion with the team to talk about the development and how they will be ramping up vaccine manufacturing. The country will soon be getting their vaccine with production happening at large scale.


Serum Institute has already joined hands with the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca to manufacture the Coronavirus vaccine. This month is an extremely important one on the vaccine front with several countries registering with respective companies.Pfizer has already updated people stating that the vaccine is 95 percent effective and can be out at any point of time as some countries are expected to get their vaccine this month itself. 

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