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Senator Amy Klobuchar Feels Optimistic About The Save Our Stages Act, Feels Like It Could Help The Live Entertainment Industry!

With the pandemic wreaking havoc on the whole wide world, several sectors of our society have been largely hit by the after-effects of the pandemic. Amongst these sectors, the live-entertainment industry has been suffering the most.

Senators Amy Klobuchar along with John Cornyn Are Working For The Save Our Stages Act!

With live-shows not happening for a long time as crowds are strictly prohibited considering the current scenario, almost ninety percent of the country’s independent venues will have no other option but to close within weeks without federal aid.

Keeping this urgent emergency issue in mind, Senators Amy Klobuchar along with John Cornyn authored the Save Our Stages act, which requests $10 billion in pandemic relief for all these independent venues that need help in this situation. The act falls under the larger Heroes Small Business Lifeline Act is likely to be voted this week, and Senator Amy Klobuchar is feeling optimistic about the chances. They are working hard to make the act pass as a part of the pandemic relief. Here’s the Twitter post by the senator herself as she asks people to join them in this work.

Senators Amy Klobuchar Is Feeling Optimistic About The Chances.

These live entertainment venues were the first to close and will probably be the last to reopen as the pandemic terror is still at large. However,  Klobuchar further said not to expect an immediate return for live music.

Moreover, it is not just the venues but even musicians on average get between seventy to ninety percent of their income from live performance. With no live performances happening since March, their income has been virtually non-existent. This industry sure needs some aid to help them get back on their feet. 

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