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Craig Melvin Mourns His older Brother’s Death, Says He Is In Peace Away From The Long Fight Of Suffering.

Craig Melvin and his suffered through a huge personal loss as his older brother Lawrence Meadows passed away after a long battle with cancer.

Lawrence Meadows Passed Away At The Age Of 43 While Battling With Colon Cancer

Craig Melvin mourned the loss and remembered his brother. He also believes that his brother is at peace after a painful battle with colon cancer. Lawrence Meadows was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer at 39 years old. Lawrence Meadows left behind  a loving family who will always remember him with grace and everlasting love. 

Craig Melvin shared an update from his home after returning from his native South Carolina, where he was with his family as they mourned the loss. Lawrence after being diagnosed shared a considerable amount of time raising awareness about the disease. Melvin has penned down a small Twitter post while thanking everyone for their heartfelt condolences. 

Craig Melvin And His Family Mourned The Loss But Said That His Brother is At Peace Now.

When asked about how is everyone doing, Melvin stated that he is doing better and their family is relieved as Lawrence was suffering at the end and it is painful to see someone you love, suffer like this. Now that his pain and suffering is over, their family is in a good spot.

While remembering his brother, Melvin also thanked everyone who sent in cards and texts, prayers for the family. Melvin shared the news of his brother having cancer back in 2016 when it is stated that while a tumor has been removed, cancer has already spread. It was a long battle with the disease and a painful one, now his soul is in a better place. 

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