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Queen’s 95th Birthday is all set to have a grand affair as new 5-pound coin will be revealed.

Queen Elizabeth is all set to celebrate her 95th Birthday on 21st April. Every one of the Royal Family is quite excited about this occasion. Many of the Royal fans have already started planning something special for the Queen. Queen will also write her name in history books as she will be the first British Royal family member to enter the age of 95.

On the occasion of her birthday, there will be a new 5-pound coin be released in honour of her. The coin will be presented in April on the auspicious day of Elizabeth II. UK’s royal mint said that this will be among many royal coins commemorate in 2021. Queen Elizabeth will be celebrating her 95th birthday with her family and her people. The coin will demonstrate her various stages of reign and on the other side, it would be her image.

Royal Mint declared that each new coin tells a story of the royal family. It shows how one’s reign was and also the accomplishments of it.

There will also be a famous quote on the coin. The quote for the 5-pound coin is nothing new but it is taken from her speech which she said 64 years ago.

“In the old days, the monarch led his soldiers on the battlefield and his leadership at all times was close and personal.”

Royal Family is facing issues lately.

Apart from this, the Royal family have been a centre of attractions lately. The challenges that were faced by Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle were not greatly accepted by the Royal Highness. Meghan revealed how they faced racist remarks against them. Harry also said his father the very famous Prince Charles, had not supported him and also let him down. He even revealed that he started to feel trapped in her own house.

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