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Deadpool 3: Here’s why Taskmaster should be the movie’s main villain

Tasky is a perfect fit as he can balance action, comedy, and MCU interconnectivity as Deadpool’s villain

Taskmaster will be getting his live-action debut as the main villain in the upcoming Black Widow movie. But he shouldn’t just stop there, and should next be the villain in Deadpool 3. The mysterious character is the first big on-screen villain in the MCU’s Phase 4, and is a threat worthy enough to appear on future films – unless of course, he’s twisted around to something else like how the Mandarin was in Iron Man 3. 

Why he should be in Deadpool


His role in Black Widow started rumours that it will eventually lead to the Thunderbolts, meaning he won’t be a simple one-off antagonist.

Meanwhile, Deadpool had been in limbo since 2018 since Disney was acquiring rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four from Fox. Fortunately,  Deadpool 3 will be retaining its R rating even though that’s not Disney’s MO. However, that makes it doubtful that Deadpool will be teaming up with other MCU heroes apart from the X-Men, but he can face someone like Taskmaster.

For those who are unaware, Taskmaster and Deadpool are mercenary frenemies in the comics. They have similar jobs and methods of combat, but Taskmaster, who is a pro at copying the fighting techniques can’t copy Deadpool’s due to the sheer unpredictability.

Being an antihero

Deadpool and Taskmaster

Taskmaster is shown as a dark reflection of the Avengers in Black Widow. But in Deadpool 3, he has potential of becoming an antihero, just like in the comics. Tasky is someone who rarely has personal vendettas and just crosses paths with heroes because that’s his job. Him crossing with Wade will not only make the audience laugh because the banter will be a riot, but also make them wonder who the real villain or hero is.

Fans are also hoping that Deadpool will have a buddy/foe movie with Spider-Man.

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