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While Vikings Is Waving Fans A Goodbye With Season 6, A Spin-off Series Is On Its Way!

While fans are eagerly waiting for the final part of the popular historical drama series Vikings, fans are wondering whether the sage of bravery is going to continue for a seventh season or not.

Is The Hit Historical Drama Series Vikings Returning For Season 7?

Well, it seems like it is finally time to bid our sweet goodbyes to the show as the sixth season has been confirmed will be the final one. However, fans are not going to miss the Vikings do a long time as the makers have already confirmed another spinoff show titled Vikings: Valhalla.

While the spin-off series has been announced earlier, the spinoff project will be arriving on streaming service Netflix. Fans are yet to know the official release date of the series, however, it is speculated to be arriving sometime around 2021. Here’s the social media post of the spinoff series coming up on Netflix, the exciting saga of the Vikings must go on!

The Series Will Be Returning In A Form Of New Spin-off Project!

The spinoff series is set a hundred years after the events of Vikings. Moreover, it will deal with the end of the Viking age that draws even closer as the Kingdom of England stands tall against its Scandanavian raiders.

The upcoming series will be revolving around Leif Erikson, Freydis, Harald Hardrada, and William the Conqueror as confirmed further by streaming service Netflix. While there has been no further announcement or taser arrival yet, we are assuming that work in still going on. With the pandemic terror around, production must have been halted like all the other upcoming projects. Expect some new faces to arrive along with some familiar ones on board. 

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