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Huge Speculations Going Around The Much- Awaited Return Of Popular Animated Series, Space Dandy

It’s been as many as four years since fans have been waiting for the popular anime series Space Dandy season 3, however after the second season finale came a while ago, we are still eagerly waiting for the third season.

Is Anime Series Space Dandy Returning For Season 3?

While the second season finale ended with a big cliffhanger, it also left behind the possibility of a true season happening! However, after so many years, there has been no such announcement about Space Dandy returning for a third installment.

While fans cannot get enough of the not so normal alien hunter in town, the second season ended with an ambiguous note that said may be continued! That ending note has left behind a huge question mark and now fans are wondering about the certainty of a third season. However, a crew member might have revealed something big about the return of the third season. 

Is There Going To Be A Movie Instead Of A Upcoming Third Season?

This speculation has been further raised by Adult Swim Toonami staff member who said earlier back in 2014 that while they hope for more Dandy content ahead, it is more probable that Dandy will return as a film or OVA. However, it was also further stated that it is less likely that there will be a new Space Dandy TV series.

This statement might worry fans as the possibility of a third season is looking slim enough with time. While the third season is nowhere to be found at this point, fans can binge watch the first two seasons and we can be only be hopeful for the third season coming sometime around 2021 after such a long delay. 

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