The Bachelorette Season 16 Contestant 'Blake Monar' is Setting Pulse Raising! Find Out All Details About Him Below

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The Bachelorette Season 16 Contestant ‘Blake Monar’ is Setting Pulse Raising! Find Out All Details About Him Below

The ABC franchise is finally returning

The Bachelorette is returning after a long wait, but fans are excited nonetheless to tune in and see Clare Crawley with a new set of 31 hopeful contestants.

Dale Moss might be a known face among the fans but the others are still a bit of a mystery. So here’s a profile on Blake Monar.

Some Monar facts

Blake Monar is one of two Blakes in the show, and according to his ABC profile, Blake is looking for his dream woman, one who “is incredibly secure in herself and has done the work to become the best version of them possible.”

Monar is 31-years-old  and a resident of Phoenix, Arizona. He currently has close to 5000 followers on Instagram, and after the season 16 premiere, we expect it to rise a great deal. His page contains quite a lot of modelling photos some pictures of him with his motorcycle, and a picture with a baby, captioned “big dad energy” so it’s looking like he is a dad as well. From the looks of it, the main purpose of his account is to promote his career (and his good-looking face).

According to his ABC profile, Monar is a male grooming specialist. In more simple terms, he’s a professional hairstylist. But his resume contains more than just cutting hair. According to his Instagram bio, Blake is the founder and CEO of StatumStyle Cosmetics, a company that sells all natural hair and grooming products. The brand describes itself as, “for men and women focused on timeless style and simplicity.” Looking good so far!

So where will you put Blake in your Bachelorette power rankings? Don’t forget to catch the season 16 premiere tonight at 8:00 pm EST and get your first impression of this new contestant.

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