Denise Richards will be leaving ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’? Check out these latest updates.

Her rep confirmed that the star will not be returning for the next season

Denise Richards was more or less the sole person who carried this season of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and made it the top rated cable show on Wednesday nights this year. And just about everyone seems to be enjoying all the drama except of course, Richards herself. So it seemed only normal when her representative confirmed that she will not be returning for the show’s next season.

The drama

So what made Richards one of the most notorious contestants of the show’s history? As the current season progresses, we see her facing off against nearly every other contestant, including former RHOBH cast member Brandi Glanville, who said on camera that she once had a one-night-stand with Richards, who is married.

This created a divide in the ‘Housewives’ fandom, similar to when Iron Man and Captain America faced off against each other in 2016’s Captain America Civil War. This was of course, more gossipy. So the fandom became #TeamDenise and #TeamBrandi, and a third group who think that Brandi was telling the truth, but was still disgusted at her for wanting to share it on camera.

The other cast members who are having a tiff with Richards say that she was trying to control her image in the show’s second season after being a bit too reckless with talking about her and her husband’s sex life in the previous year. Of course, due to the amount of drama atypical to an Indian serial, the show’s own narrative isn’t going smoothly as well.

And now in the latest episode, Richards has an argument with longtime friend (or maybe ex-friend) Lisa Rinna, and we see Rinna asking her about sending Glanville and Bravo a cease-and-desist, to which she responds by giving an ice cold stare.

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