Yann Demange will be Directing the Marvel Film ‘Blade’, collab writing script with Michael Starrbury

Yann Demange joins as Director in the upcoming Marvel Movie, Script under process

Yann Demange has signed to direct and has hired Michael Starrbury to pen the new screenplay. Mahershala Ali stars as the title character, while Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige produces. After Tariq left the project, Marvel Studios decided against jumping into finding his replacement because it wanted to ensure it got the appropriate writer and director while putting the pre-production on pause. 

Even before Marvel found the new creative team, the studio felt that delaying the movie, taking it off the calendar for 2023, was best. Marvel Studios will also restructure its release schedule, now having the project debut in September 6 2024, with production scheduled to begin the following year in Atlanta.

Blade Poster
Courtesy of Marvel Studios

The Marvel Studios had been planning for this new Blade movie since 2013, and it is expected that when the cinema will hit the theaters nearby, it is sure as hell going to slice the viewers with super moves and twists as a sharp Blade.

While it likely will not be quite as grim as previous “Blade” pictures, sources said that Marvel Studios is looking to take on a darker tone for this movie compared to the rest of the MCU projects which came in the past. With on board people being excited about the new writing, the following week will be full of meetings and pitches where Yann Demange would do the job delivering his own pitch.

Yann Demange
Robin Marchant / AP

Yann Demange came across through his big break on the drama “’71“, in which the film got good attention in the industry giving Demange more offers such as getting him into the directing job on a crime drama, “White Boy Rick.”

And as for the co-writer Micheal Starrbury, he is been on high attentive demand for his work on series When They See Us, followed by getting nominated for Emmy. On addition, he on recent tour had been executive producer for the limited series called Colin in Black & White.