Today around evening time’s show originates from the Allstate Arena close to Chicago, IL.

– The WWE NXT “Takeover: WarGames 2019” Pre-show opens live from the Allstate Arena close to Chicago as Charly Caruso invites us. She’s on the phase with Sam Roberts and Pat McAfee. We see a few fans in the field, and the WarGames confines hanging above. Caruso uncovers that Mia Yim was assaulted behind the stage. She sends us to a pre-recorded film that shows specialists tending to Yim while different individuals from Team Ripley remain around. Rhea Ripley is incensed. We return to the board.

We return to the board for WarGames talk and an overview of today’s card. Charly sends us to the ring. We go to Mauro Ranallo as Isaiah “Swerve” Scott hits the ring. Mauro is joined by WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix and Nigel McGuinness. Scott hits the twofold ring arrangement. Holy messenger Garza is out straightaway.

They go at it to begin, exchanging counters. They show each other up and exchange slaps. Scott sends Garza to the floor for a takedown. Scott brings it back in the ring for a 2 check. Scott with a major cleave, and another. Scott pummels Garza face-first into the tangle. Scott keeps control for another 2 checks.

Scott mounts offense as a “Swerve!” serenade begins. Scott goes to the top and flies; however, Garza folds through and dispatches him into the turnbuckles. Garza rips off his jeans for a fly from the group; at that point, hurls them at Scott and hits a superkick off the interruption. Garza with a nearby 2 check. Garza with a modified springboard suplex and another superkick, however, Scott continues kicking out. Garza insults Scott and holds him down at this point. Garza gets shook while going into the corner. Garza turns it around and hits a major dropkick in the corner for a 2 tally.

Garza goes to the center for a moonsault however, misses, and Scott levels him. Scott with a twofold undertook into another suplex for a 2 check. Increasingly to and fro now. They exchange hotshots at the center of the ring. Garza winds upbringing Scott down with a major sitdown powerbomb for a nearby 2 tally. Garza beats on Scott and holds him down. Garza goes to the top, yet Scott jumps up with him. Garza bounces into a Fireman’s Carry on the cover. Scott with a major Death Valley Driver on the cover. Garza tumbles to the floor, and Scott catches up with a major step to the chest. Fans pop and serenade, “you got served!” presently.

Scott brings it back in and plays to the group. Scott goes to put Garza away in the center of the ring, yet Garza kicks out. Scott gets pushed once again into the arbitrator. Scott obstructs a low blow kick. Garza then gets a kick from Scott. This prompts Garza hitting the Wing Clipper in the ring for the stick to win. After the match, Garza stands tall as his music hits. We go to replays. Garza keeps celebrating before going to the back.

– Back from a break and the broadcasters lead us to a video bundle for Finn Balor versus Matt Riddle. The board talks about the match, and we return to a break. Caruso discusses Mia Yim being assaulted behind the stage before. We slice behind the stage to Yim being stacked into a rescue vehicle. Rhea Ripley convinces Dakota Kai to supplant her. Kai says she’s not prepared for the match, yet Ripley talks her into it. The other Team Ripley individuals concur. NXT General Manager William Regal shuts the entryways of the rescue vehicle, and it leaves. We return to the board for more talk on today around evening time’s enormous occasion. Pat takes the mic and slices a promotion to truly get the group advertised up, going along with them at their seats. That is it for the Takeover pre-appear.

– The 2019 WWE NXT “Takeover: WarGames 2019” occasion opens with a video bundle, including “Ricky” by rapper Denzel Curry.

– We’re life from the Allstate Arena close to Chicago, Illinois, as Mauro Ranallo invites us. He’s joined by Nigel McGuinness and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix. The publicity today around evening time’s show. We additionally observe the Spanish declare group at ringside. We go to the twofold ring arrangement as the steel confines let down while alarms sound. Alicia Taylor goes over the guidelines of the first-since forever ladies’ WarGames coordinate. Out first comes Team Captain Rhea Ripley to a pop. She remains by one of the huge pens on the stage, which has an arbitrator remaining by it. Bianca Belair is out next speaking to Team Baszler, which has the request for passage advantage for the match.

Bianca additionally remains by one of the pen cases. Candice LeRae is out straight away, and she likewise remains alongside the pen with Ripley. NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray is out straightaway. She joins Belair by their enclosure. Tegan Nox is out straightaway. She gazes intently at Ray and afterward remains by the confine. Io Shirai is out straightaway. She gets the confine together with the other Team Baszler individuals. Out next comes Dakota Kai. Group Captain and NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler is out last. The two groups talk, and Shirai is sent to the pens first. LeRae is additionally sent somewhere around her group.