SNL five timer Will Ferrell gets plenty of help but doesn’t need any

We do not have to doubt the fact that Will Ferrell is funny. And many people believe that he is one of the best performers on Saturday Night Live. He is the favorite performer of many people. It’s hard to be dedicated to keeping a 90-minute joke alive rather than a 5 minute one. But Ferrell doesn’t have to struggle with anything. There’s hardly anyone out there who can do it better than him and command more focus as he does.

After hosting SNL for the fifth time, there were no Five timers bit. And there wasn’t a single returning Ferrell character. Many older pals like Fred Armisen, Rachel Dratch, Tracy Morgan, Maya Rudolph, and others returned. Ferrell’s sketch characters are what defines him. He can a simple, unprofitable premise, like the ketchup bottles making fart sounds, into something more which has potent characterization. When Ferrell’s dad makes a Thanksgiving dinner joke about him cutting the cheese, Ferrel responded with a single line of “It’s not who I am.” With a single line, he transformed the entire little joke into a little power-packed moment of characterization.

Every episode of Ferrell runs because of his witty monologues and he can definitely make the best sketch comedy shows. He made the Ketchup and the Wizard of Oz bit into something iconic with the company of Kate McKinnon. Even though one couldn’t do much with the Native American Thanksgiving sketch, that might be one of the lesser funny videos in his legacy. Whenever we see any sketch performer bring out a ventriloquist dummy out, it isn’t uncommon to expect one of those “having a guy’s hand up my ass” lines. And even after going out with this cliche line, Ferrell managed to make the show a hit.

It shows how Ferrell has a neat combination of hardcore commitment, gross out comedy and a weird spirit which every single audience loves.