Virology professor revealed that holding hands and kissing may spread corona virus! Check out to know every little detail about the disease.

By 4 months ago

As we all know about the new highly spreading virus named Coronavirus which emerged in China. Basically, it is a family of viruses that makes a person ill. According to experts, this virus came to China last year but now it has started spreading and growing across different countries. Around 35 countries have been affected by this virus. More than 50,000 people are known to be infected and 1,100 deaths have taken place in China due to this dangerous virus. It is believed that the virus was spread from animals and has symptoms like common cold, fever, etc.

How Coronavirus spreads?

A virology professor of London, John Oxford while talking on the BBC Radio 4. He emphasized that this virus is spreading more due to physical contact. He told about the very important thing that we must do i.e., is to reduce hugging, kissing, hand shaking or any other sort of contact. Oxford also dispersed the idea of wearing masks as a ‘total diversion’. It is not necessarily spread by just coughing or sneezing.

He also added that Corona virus is easily affecting the people who are old or has weak immune system like that of children. It is advised not to visit China for some time.

What precautions can we take?

As per WHO, some precautions to prevent spreading of the infection are:

  • Washing the hands properly,
  • Covering your mouth and nose while sneezing and coughing,
  • Avoid touching the eyes, mouth and nose
  • Avoid contacting with each other, maintain at least 3 feet distance between each other
  • Take medical advice if you feel sick and
  • Avoid eating animal products for a while

Till now, no proper cure and treatment can be found. Scientists are trying their best to know about the cause and produce some medicine or vaccine.