VIDEO : The Donkey and Travis Kinley Sings The Lion King song? Went Viral all over the Internet!!!

Well, each one of us must have heard the old saying, Rumor is a great traveler. In today’s world, we should rather say that anything on social media is a great traveler. Travis Kinley has gone viral after he posted a video in which he was singing. It all started with a joke. Kinley went to the back of his farm, where he had his done, Nathan.

Travis Kinley might not be Jungle’s king, but now he has become the king of social media. His short video clip has invaded the internet, and viewers are watching it on loop. In that video, Kinley was found singing in a jungle. Other farm animals were there as well.

The video which has been posted by Kinley is of about twenty-five seconds. The video which is just of few seconds has over 3 million-plus views. More than 2100 people have shared it. Apart from this, the video has been shared on different social media platforms as well.

The song which Kinley sang is quite famous,  The Lion King. The soundtrack was released on 11 July 2019. Pharrell Williams has produced the soundtrack. The classical tale animated by Disney. The lion king has received mixed reviews from, but Kinley’s song has generally received positive comments. Viewers are thanking Kinley for making them laugh.

Travis Kinley undoubtedly has put a smile on innumerable faces. The comment section is flooded with positive comments regarding Kinley’s video. Few viewers found the video super hilarious. Kinley himself was very happy.  There are two main reasons for his happiness. One has was glad to know about his coordination with his donkey. Another reason is that he has put a smile on so many faces. The world needs more people like Kinley.