USA elections: Did the Presidential Elections bring Feud between the Loving Couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian? Details Below

With the presidential election in The United States is on full swing, everyone is quite excited about the voting and who is going to be the next president of the United States of America.

Kim Kardashian Posted An I Voted Image On Social Media On Twitter And Fams Are Curious!

Celebrities are also contributing to the whole process by putting up I voted images on social media to encourage people to vote and take part in the whole government forming process. Recently, reality television star Kim Kardashian also put up a similar post, and fans have an interesting question for her! Here’s the Twitter post where the celeb is asking people to vote and to not get out of the voting line.

Fans after Kim Kardashian posted the I Voted sticker, started asking her to reveal who she voted for, Donald Trump, Joe Trump it her husband Kanye West who admitted to having written his name. Kanye West announced that he voted for the person he truly trusts, himself.

Kanye West Have Already Made His Vote And Made An Announcement About It.

Now fans are quite curious to know whether Kim also went ahead and voted for her husband or not! While Kim did not reveal whom she voted for this presidential election, fans are assuming that it is not for Kanye West.

This speculation started after Kim Kardashian liked a tweet that was endorsing Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Rapper Kanye West has already made some headlines earlier with some of his shocking confessions that he made in one of his election campaigns.  While those controversial statements soon drizzled out, it seems like the star was pretty geared up for elections this year.