“They told me I had to,” One Tree Hill’s Sophia Bush claims of being forced to appear on a magazine cover!

Sophia Bush claimed that “One Tree Hill” members were coerced to pose for the magazine cover: “I was ordered to”

The “Drama Queens” podcast was initiated in June 2021 by Hilarie Burton, Sophia Bush, and Bethany Joy Lenz to relive all 187 episodes.

Behind the scenes of Episode 404

One Tree Hill | Sophia Bush

The notorious cover that was featured in Episode 404 was brought up during the discussion of that episode on November 28. Burton and Sophia Bush began disclosing One Tree Hill details over their conversation, being open about a bad photoshoot they had while filming the show and even revealing that they originally wanted to decline the cover but were told that taking part was not their choice.

In November 2006, Sophia Bush, Burton, and co-star Danneel Ackles were chosen to appear on the cover of Maxim. The actresses posed for the shoot wearing revealing white garments that looked like lingerie. Bush claimed that she objected to being included in the photo shoot because of the way her character’s sexuality was portrayed on the show.

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Brooke had already been sexualized quite a bit on the show, according to Sophia Bush, and she didn’t want to ruin her reputation any more. After declining to take part in the photoshoot, she was told that if she didn’t, she would never be allowed to leave the house for a press event, a movie, an event, or one of her charitable endeavours.

In a meeting in the show’s production office, Burton claimed she was given a similar ultimatum with an emphasis on the future success of the program. She claimed she was also informed that all of the other programmes had appeared on every magazine cover and that no one wanted them. Burton remembered being warned not to create a buzz and draw in viewers.

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Bush claimed that the incident demonstrated the lack of agency she faced at the time and was a result of the unhealthy workplace she had been trying to avoid.

Lenz informed Bush and Burton that she was told she was too heavy for the Maxim photo shoot, which is why she wasn’t invited to join them.

Bush and Burton asserted that Lenz’s rejection to participate in the cover photo was a deception.

Sexual harassment during the “One Tree Hill” show

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The “Drama Queens” episode airing on Monday is not the first time Bush has discussed her time on “One Tree Hill.”

In 2020, Bush claimed that her supervisor had inappropriate behavior, and he had previously accused showrunner Mark Schwahn of assaulting members of the cast sexually.

In 2003, “One Tree Hill” made its appearance, and it spanned until 2012.