The Secrets Of Isis Star ‘Joanna Cameron’ Breathed her Last at 70

Joanna Cameron passed away

Famous actress Joanna Cameron, who was known for her role in CBS’ The Secrets Of Isis, has passed away on 22nd of October, at the age of 70.

Joanna Pang Atkins confirmed the news

Cameron’ series co-star Joanna Pang Atkins confirm her death via a tweet.

Joanna Cameron
Joanna Pang Atkins | Twitter

She said in her tweet that she is feeling extremely sad to declare that “The Mighty Isis” has went to heaven. Disclosing the cause of death, Atkins said that Cameron suffered a stroke and died from complications past Friday. She said that they both shared an amazing experience of making the series The Secrets Of Isis. She prayed for the peace of Cameron’ soul sharing a picture of them with fellow Isis star Brian Cutler.

Life and career of the late actress

Joanna Cameron also known as JoAnna Cameron started her career in acting in 1969. How to Commit Marriage was her debut film. She then appeared in several numbers of films as well as TV shows such as I Love My Wife” (1970), “Pretty Maids All in a Row” (1971) “B.S. I Love You” (1971), Columbo” (1974), “McMillan & Wife” (1977), “The Amazing Spider-Man” (1978), “Switch” (1975 & 1978). The actress appeared in 105 commercials which was record breaking that time.

Disney General Entertainment

Cameron gained popularity with The Secrets Of Isis. Isis or Andrea Thomas was her most notable role. The show continued for 2 season and total 22 episodes from 1975 to 1976. It was first American live action TV show with a woman superhero. Cameron played character Isis later joined the DC universe while her alter ego being changed from Andrea Thomas to Adrianna Tomaz.

After retiring from acting Joanna Cameron worked nurse in home healthcare for 10 years then went to Hawaii to begin a career in hotel marketing.

It’s a sad day as we lost another beloved star, Gunther aka James Michael today.