The Queen is contemplating Hard Regarding her Beloved Braemar Games

The Queen is ready to pass on the baton?

The Queen is ‘seriously contemplating’ whether or not she will be able to attend the Braemar Games the following weekend due to growing fears regarding her mobility.

The Highland Games are typically a high point in the monarch’s calendar because the Queen and the current prime minister frequently attend.

This year’s competition will feature tug-of-war and caber-tossing matches amongst competitors in front of an audience for the first time since the pandemic began.

The Queen

Will Queen attend it or won’t she?

The Queen is eager to attend if her health permits it, a source said last night. On July 21, as she took a flight to Aberdeen Airport to start her yearly vacation in Balmoral, she was last saw in the open.

As worries about her mobility challenges increase, the Queen is “seriously evaluating” whether or not she will be able to attend the Braemar Games the following weekend.

The insider continued, saying that over the last two weeks, Her Majesty has enjoyed having “family visitors” stay at her Scottish estate, including “many of the great-grandchildren.” The Earl and Countess of Wessex and their children Lady Louise and Viscount James have also visited, as have the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children Princes George, Louis, and Princess Charlotte.

The Queen

According to the source, Prince Andrew was also in Balmoral and was eager to speak to the Queen about the possibility of creating a new professional position for himself inside the Royal Family.

The 96-year-old is probably going to admit that she won’t be able to fly to London any longer to choose a new prime minister. The Queen was expected to go to Windsor Castle or Buckingham Palace to exercise her “personal prerogative”—inviting a new leader to establish a government.

Her current health, however, “may make it unlikely,” according to a reliable source. This week, the choice will be made public. However, the nine-mile travel to Braemar for the games the next weekend might still be feasible.

In 1848, Queen Victoria started the royal custom of attending the Braemar Games. The Queen, who has rarely missed the occasion, has continued it.

Despite the fact that politicians and their partners don’t always understand the appeal, the games—held over the first weekend in September—typically coincide with the Prime Minister’s yearly visit.

Tony Blair’s wife Cherie was notably seen yawning while they were there in 2003 with Tony Blair.

It has been a pleasurable component of the annual visit to Balmoral for the monarch, and most definitely for Prince Philip up until his passing last year.

The Queen

However, considering the monarch’s fragile health, aides can only certify Her Majesty’s attendance that day.

This year, extra precautions have been taken to assure her comfort throughout her summer break.

When the guard moved inside the main residence, the customary public inspection was abandoned in favor of a less formal ceremony away from the cameras. A stair lift has been erected at the Queen’s Craigowan Lodge in Balmoral, and a motorized buggy is used to convey the monarch about the estate.

Although the Queen had started riding horses before, it has become considerably more challenging due to the recurrence of what aides have referred to as “periodic mobility difficulties”. The Queen’s condition is hardly what you would call optimum, but Her Majesty is 96 after all, a source claimed.

They noted that discussions would take place this week to determine the location of the September 6 meeting with her 15th prime minister.