Tyler Stanaland, ‘Selling the OC’ Star Bares it All About the Co-Star Who Forcefully Tried to Kiss Him

Tyler Stanaland reveal it all about the infamous kiss incident 

Tyler Stanaland, a star of Selling the OC, has spoken out about his co-star Kayla Cardona trying to kiss him twice.

On Wednesday’s episode of the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast, the 33-year-old real estate agent, Tyler Stanaland, who has been married to the actress Brittany Snow since 2020, clarified the circumstances surrounding the altercation with his colleague Oppenheim Group representative.

Detailing on the incident, Tyler Stanaland said that Kayla did attempt to kiss him once. Then it repeated itself the following evening. In order to avoid controversy on the show, he just kind of trying to downplayed it and brush it off out of respect for her.

Tyler Stanaland

On the Selling Sunset spinoff, which had its Netflix premiere on Wednesday, the former professional surfer had this to say about his teammate. “However, that was an instance where I had to somewhat draw some firm lines and boundaries and reevaluate the social context. Nothing took place. Simply put, it was something you wouldn’t do to a married person.”

The cast’s proximity made it difficult to distinguish between work and socializing, Tyler Stanaland said, adding that the attempted kiss didn’t happen when they were filming. They have a close-knit office and, for the most part, they all ended up being friends, which is unusual for an office, he added.

Tyler Stanaland details on his personal life too

Oversharing about his personal life or his 36-year-old Pitch Perfect actress wife is one line Stanaland says he probably won’t cross on the show, at least not this season.

Tyler Stanaland

He replied that he doesn’t know about the future. But during that particular time of year, people won’t see his house or his wife.

He went on that he kind of wanted to keep some aspects of his life secret as this adventure got going. And perhaps that will change as time goes on. But for the time being, that was essentially the only thing that gave him confidence to go out on such an unusual voyage.

According to the official series synopsis, Selling the OC follows “a new team of realtors as they square off, competing to establish themselves at The Oppenheim Group’s second location on the Orange County coast.”

Tyler Stanaland

Stanaland, an O.C. native, had to make a significant emotional and professional choice to join the Oppenheim Group after spending the previous 12 years working alongside his father at his prosperous company.

Prior to the premiere, he told PEOPLE that he remembers the first time he phoned Jason [Oppenheim] to chat about the show and it quickly seemed more like friends catching up than a boss/employee interaction.

He mentioned that one of the things that attracted him to the Oppenheim Group was the distinctive office culture. He also disclosed the sale of 3 Montage Way at the Laguna Beach Montage to Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank celebrity Mark Cuban for $19 million, which was his biggest real estate flex to date.