The Diabolical: Simon Pegg to Voice Hughie in The Boys Animated Series

Eight crazy episodes, eight crazy stories

Amazon Prime has released the official trailer for The Diabolical. The animated show, based on characters from The Boys, will be airing from next month. One of the exciting features of the show is that Simon Pegg will get to voice Hugh ‘Hughie’ Campbell. But why is that so special? Read on.

Popular fan cast

The Diabolical
Amazon Prime

The comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson first came out in 2006, and had a successful run until its conclusion in 2012. In the early days, Mission Impossible star Simon Pegg was a fan-favorite for Hughie, as they looked very similar. However, the TV adaptation took a long time to happen, and Pegg had passed the appropriate age. But he was still able to be part of the first season as Hughie’s dad. Besides, Jack Quaid has done a fantastic job with the character.

The Diabolical consists of 8 episodes, with different animation styles and run times of 12-14 minutes. In one such episode, Pegg will be voicing Hughie, and fulfilling the dreams of all the fan-casters. Hughie and Billy Butcher also look comic-accurate, and the episode looks very promising. In fact, the whole trailer looks absolutely crazy. The Boys universe is immense, and contains more nuttiness than the Marvel and DC universes combined.

Release date

Hughie and Butcher in The Diabolical
Amazon Prime

The Diabolical will debut on Amazon Prime on March 4.

In the meantime, the highly-anticipated season 3 of The Boys is still a little far away. The new season introduces Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy, a twisted version of Captain America. An official trailer has not been revealed, but we did get a teaser of Homelander. We also got to see some brilliant marketing tactics from the team, as they put on a special news display.

The Boys season 3 comes out on June 3, 2022.