The collaboration “Love Your Parabola” of Justin Bieber and Tool’s work led to a bizarre piece of Art!! DJ cummerbund responsible??

‘Love Your Parabola’ by DJ cummerbund is a fruitful outcome of the feud that music lovers always desired.

The occurrence of a bizarre feud between Tool and Justin made headlines last month. It all began when during a road trip, Bieber posted lyrics from ‘The Pot,’ a Tool’s 2006 classic, asking his fans to guess the song. He’d urged not to search for it, for he wanted to know if either of his fans could recognize the song.

Justin Bieber | Tool | The Pot | Maynard James Keenan | Instagram Post

It was soon followed by reports of Justin being an admirer of the classic rock band, which gave hopes to fans about some music collaboration between the two. But the hopes were soon crushed when Maynard James Keenan rather seemed unimpressed with the development, expressed it by tweeting “#Bummer” to the news.

Maynard James Keenan | Tool | Rock singer | Lead vocalist

The tweet invited varied reactions from the people, one among them was Bieber’s wife, Hailey, who termed Maynard’s action as childish and hurtful, for Justin had only expressed his admiration for the band, whom he grew up listening.

There weren’t any further comments from either of the sides, leaving the matter dangling, till digital mash-up sensation, DJ Cummerbund, came up with this mash-up of the two sensations of the music industry, ‘Love Your Parabola.’ The collaboration sees Justin’s ‘Love Yourself’ intermingled with Tool’s ‘Parabola,’ along with traces of Ludacris ‘Area Codes.’

We quite couldn’t understand the clash between the artists, but we surely understood what can happen if these two decide to quash the differences.