A sneak peek into tinsel town’s love birds Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton’s love story!! Find out whats fascinating about them!

‘Stranger Things’’ stars Natalia and Charlie may just have talked about their relationship, but they are together for a long time now. Let’s check out their love story.

It’s no secret that our very own Nancy Wheeler and Jonathon Byers from the ‘Stranger Things’ are dating. The couple, who made their debut as a couple, holding hands at a fashion award show in London in 2017, is speculated to be together since season 1 of the series in 2016.

When it all started?

As there have been several cases, onscreen chemistry often transpires offscreen romance; ‘Stranger Things’ duo Natalia and Charlie were no different, who met and started dating on the sets of their show. Though they didn’t talk about their relationship till recently, it was always out in open for people to gauge.

People drew speculations from the time these two started appearing on each other’s Instagram back in 2016 but often dismissed it as only friendship because there were no talks from either of them. However, the tittle-tattle only got cemented with time and got absolute when the couple was spotted in January 2017 at the airport, leaving LA together.

Soon, followed were the series of PDAs where the much in love couple were spotted holding hands and kissing on the streets of the city with no care of the world and several social media posts about each other. It was almost confirmed when both of them appeared together at an award show red carpet in December 2017 though they still decided to remain tight-lipped about their love story. The couple didn’t talk about their relationship explicitly but kept dropping subtle hints through their Instagram posts, public appearances where they always marched in together, holding hands.

Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton | Stranger Things | Red Carpet | Fashion Award Show

It is official

Finally, after 2 years of ‘are they or are they not?’, the love birds decided to open up and put all other news to rest on February 2019, when Charlie talked about dating Natalia to V Man, saying that one can breaks the walls down with his partner. Since they work in the same industry and have similar trajectories, they’ve gone through it together. They go into high-pressure situations together but can share those insecurities or whatever they are. “The great happy times too… really fu****g sweet!” he said expressing his love for his lady.

In July 2019, Natalia too decided to talk about her love life, when while talking about Charlie to a leading daily media, she said that it is interesting to work with somebody with whom you can go home with. It’s always fun and they are really comfortable together.

Vacation in Italy

Now, latest we hear that after walking the red carpet at the 2019 Giffoni Film Festival, the couple decided to take some time off to spend it in Italy. They were spotted at a restaurant sipping an Aperol spritz while checking something together on their phone.

Aww! Maybe, that is how love looks like.