Taylor Swift’s Re-Recorded Version of ‘Red’ is Out – And it Beats the Classic

The new version includes side tracks and outtakes, with 30 tracks in total

Grammy-winning artist Taylor Swift had been hard at work re-recording all her songs, and the new one to be dropped is her 2012 hit Red. The title song is out, and so is a 10-minute original version of “All Too Well.” Swift reinvents her own hit, rips it to shreds, and molds it into a heartbreak epic, with more sadness included. The song talks about the mystery guy she introduced to her dad, but later skipped her 21st birthday party. Even the lyrics, “f**k the patriarchy” is included.

Taylor’s “All Too Well”

Taylor Swift

Swift started with releasing the re-recorded version of her album Fearless, and has moved on to her fiercest peak with Red. And “All Too Well” has Taylor Swift at her best self yet, musically. The song has reignited the flame inside the Swifties, who are praising her and trash-talking her ex at the same time.

Taylor discusses every emotional moment she’s felt in the song, and the lyrics go from sad, to angry, to full-on savage. She even has a line about age difference, saying, “I’ll get older, but your lovers stay my age,” meaning that one of the reasons they broke up was due to the age gap.

Every song seems better than before, and there are 30 in total.

Who is Taylor Swift talking about?

Taylor Swift

The relationship she had when she was 20-21 seemed to stay vividly in Taylor’s mind, but who is she talking about? Turns out, she was dating Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal. In the new version, she sings about how she’s 31, his age when he dated her. Taylor Swift also mentioned how he never found her funny, told her not to wear heels because she was tall. She spoke about the good times they had, and that they were always skipping town, and she was falling in love, but he didn’t say anything about it.

The Jake Gyllenhaal Twitter memes have already started coming in.