Taylor Swift’s Embarrassing first meet with Eddie Redmayne

Taylor Swift’s first meet with Eddie Redmayne

Musician Taylor Swift recently opened up about her first ever meeting with Eddie Redmayne during the audition for “Les Misérables”. the 23 years old singer then, was left with embarrassment while auditioning for 2012’s Musical/Drama Film Les Misérables.

Taylor Swift
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On October 28, Friday, the pop singer Taylor swift was invited as guest on talk show “The Graham Norton show” along with Eddie Redmayne, Alex Scott, Bono and Lady blackbird.

On same couch with Mr. Redmayne, Swift shared her memory of her first time meet with Eddie Redmayne, which was very awkward and most embarrassing moment for her.

The awkward interaction 

Edward David John Redmayne, “The Danish Girl’s actor”, an incredible actor who never fails to impress his audience on screen. his Musical/Drama film “Les Misérables”(2012) where played Marius Pont mercy’s character, the movie was a wonderful masterpiece, and it is one of the best films from 2012.

Eddie Redmayne
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In a conversation on his career, the actor revealed a clip of himself singing “Empty chairs at Empty tables” as Marius in the film at the Toronto International film festival. Director of the movie Tom Hopper revealed in an interview that every single Actor sing in his Film Les Misérables.

Taylor Swift’s favorite actor Eddie Redmayne

On Friday at Graham Norton’s Talk show, the midnight singer opened about an incident, when she was auditioning for Les Misérables, Taylor said during the screen test the makeup artist painted her teeth brown. “I was there for two roles Cosette and Eponine, but I wasn’t going to get any role.

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They asked me if I can go to London for a screen test with Eddie Redmayne who is my favorite actor, and I decided to go there when I got there, they were going to put me in a 19th century look and paint my teeth brown and I was like, you going to do that after I meet Eddie Redmayne right? when I met him, I didn’t open my mouth, I was embarrassed.

Eddie said I didn’t think that we would be in each other’s arms in our very first meet, I had a memory of her dying in my arms while I was trying to be emotional.