Suggesting Cosmetic surgery to “Stranger Things” Natalia Dyer went wrong for aesthetic nurse, was called “Mean” and misleading!!

Nurse practitioner goes with Np.miranda has come under fire after she shared a list of cosmetic procedures she would give Stranger Things star Natalia Dyer. Miranda, who is based in Los Angeles, took to TikTok to share her thoughts on the actress’ appearance, suggesting that she could benefit from fillers, Botox, and an eyebrow lift.

While Karza insisted that she didn’t mean to be “mean,” many viewers accused her of body shaming and called for her to be banned from the platform. It’s unsurprising that Nurse’s comments would provoke such a strong reaction, as they echo the harmful message that women must conform to unrealistic standards of beauty in order to be successful.

Thankfully, Dyer herself has yet to respond to Nurse’s comments, and it’s clear that she doesn’t need to change a thing about her appearance in order to be a successful actress.

Np.miranda apologies for the misunderstanding!

The nurse said that she want to be clear that she did not imply Natalia needed any of that labor, she added, adding that it was merely an illustration. Naturally, Natalia is very beautiful in her current form; this is part of the reason for her success.

“Her picture was just an illustration. That was not my intention at all, so I apologize if anyone interpreted it that way.

Wilson recommended giving Dyer a “brow lift to help open up her eyes,” adding chin and lip filler, and making her jaw look “slimmer” in her initial video on the actress. To demonstrate the “results” of her suggested work, she ended her film with an image of Dyer’s face that had been digitally manipulated.