BTS members will be seen serving for the military from next year. The news pooed out in October 2022, and on December 13, Jīn is recognized as the first member to enlist in the military of South Korea. According to reports, SUGA will be next to enter the mandatory duties. Details for the enrollment date are still not out.


After the news came many people commented about their excitement. While an insider from BIGHIT MUSIC said, “BTS members plan to serve in the military sequentially according to their own plans. It is difficult to confirm the artist’s personal information.” SUGA was undergoing shoulder surgery in 2020 in which his torn shoulder labrum was repaired on November 3.

In one of the raps, SUGA mentioned about going to do military services. They were like,

“We’ll go to the military on our own when the time comes, so all of you b******* who want to sell our name for a piece of our pie, you all just shut the f*** up’.”

Suga | Instagram

To which Han Ki Ho looked into the matter as it went world famous. He simply said that “Because there has been so much controversy over this matter, [BTS] even made a song like this. So why is there even a debate regarding this topic in the first place?”. He said that if they are willing to serve military then they should be given a chance in order to uproot the contradiction in the society.


Meanwhile, Commissioner Lee Ki Shik also shared his views. He said that due to the declination in number of volunteers, everyone should be given equity and justice.“In this regard, I believe that it will be desirable for BTS to carry out their mandatory duties.” He added.

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