Storming AREA 51 cost him Death! Man Brutally Killed with no regret!

An unidentified man was shot dead in January after trying to enter the NNSS area, a document from the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS) mentioned. This news of trans pass of NNSS became popular after a Facebook event titled ‘Storm Area 51; They Can’t Stop All Of Us‘ started doing rounds on the internet, even though the events are unrelated.

From the NNSS, a press release explained that the man refused to stop at the security gate. He then drove around eight miles while in pursuit.

The NNSS statement. Credit: NNSS

Later, he was eventually stopped and approached security officials with a ‘cylindrical object’ in his hand. Despite the officers-in-charge asking him to stop, he refused. Finally, he was shot and died instantly.
In addition to that, the statement also read that the FBI was notified and that there were no injuries sustained by the officers on-duty.


The proposed event is scheduled for 20 September, Friday at 3 am. It has now surpassed one million attendees.
The event for Area 51 uplifts the masses to meet up at the mysterious US military site to find out what’s going on there. The event description reads- “Let’s see them, aliens.”

Here is the screenshot of the Facebook post:

The FB Post

An American physicist, Bob Lazar claims to have worked with extraterrestrial technology at a military base known ‘S-4’. He warned against people trying to enter the site. He gave a clear-cut reminder that ‘the last time someone tried to get into Area 51 he was shot’.
However, it is uncertain if he was referring to January’s incident.


Area 51 is a common name of a United States Air Force (USAF) facility. It is located within the Nevada Test and Training Range. The distributed nature of the base has made it a regular subject of conspiracy theories. There are claims that the site contains the unidentified flying object (UFO), although the USAF says it is an open training range.