Star Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith confirms he’s gay, spouts over boyfriend ‘Tyler’.

Jaden Smith, while giving his performance at the Camp Flog Gnawe Carnival in California two or three months earlier, conceded that Tyler, the Creator is his sweetheart.

The 21-year-old rapper, during his presentation, stated that Tyler is a best friend on the planet for him and he adores him so f**king much.

He included that he wanna let you know folks something, he wanna let you know, Tyler wouldn’t like to state, yet Tyler’s my mother f**king sweetheart. Smith even kept on including, “And he’s been his mother f**king beau his whole life.”

He closed by saying, “alright? You remove anything from this f****** appear, that is the thing that you have to remove.”

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Recordings of Tyler, the Creator is shaking his head and waving his finger to tell them it’s not valid and afterward snickering.

Jaden Smith and Tyler have revealed their identity!

Jaden Smith has played transparently with sexual orientation generalizations, especially with design. Creating a scene for wearing a skirt for his Louis Vuitton crusade.

While Tyler has been increasingly open about his sexuality all through his vocation, in his melodies, he raps, “I been kissing white young men since 2004.”

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Tyler was refused section into Great Britain since they thought his songs were “energizes viciousness and prejudice of homosexuality” and “cultivates disdain.”

Australia also denied him section, referring to the explanation that he is a potential risk and open intrigue. To which Tyler reacted in his melody by rapping, “How might I be misanthrope/Love titties and ass/How would I be able to be homophobic/When my sweetheart’s a f**?”, in his tune ‘F*** It.’

Jaden tweeted ‘My boyfriend just won a Grammy’.

This isn’t the first occasion when that Jaden Smith has pronounced his affection for Tyler, the Creator. In 2015, Jaden created a ruckus when he sent a dubious birthday message to Tyler.

Jaden stated that he thinks he is in love with you, he doesn’t know he is still figuring it out but in the meantime, Happy Birthday!!