The arrival of body camera film prior this week portraying the minute previous ER entertainer Vanessa Marquez was shot and killed by South Pasadena, California, police have sickened the late star’s family.

In an announcement to Newsweek, a lawyer from Marquez’s mom said the South Pasadena Police Department didn’t contact the on-screen character’s family before discharging the realistic clasp on Monday, and her mom feels “abused.”


“Vanessa’s family was not educated that video would be distributed,” said lawyer Vicki Sarmiento, who is speaking to Marquez’s family in an improper passing claim against the city of South Pasadena coming from the on-screen character’s demise in August 2018.

Vanessa’s mom feels it was flippant for the video to be distributed with no pre-advisement to her. She is a lamenting mother, and the city has not even once reached her to meet with her to clarify the conditions of her girl’s passing. She feels additionally abused by the manner in which she has been dealt with and ignored.”

Joe Ortiz, the South Pasadena Police Department head of police, couldn’t quickly be gone after the remark.

In a Monday conference, the police division declared that the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office won’t press charges against two officials engaged with Marquez’s deadly shooting. The case has now been shut.

Officials Gilberto Carrillo and Christopher Perez acted in “legitimate self-protection,” the lead prosecutor’s office said in a notice that was discharged by the police division alongside the body camera film.

Carrillo and Perez were among the law requirement and crisis clinical workforce to go to government assistance check at Marquez’s home in South Pasadena on August 30, 2018. “Marquez displayed a dark BB handgun and a lethal official included shooting happened,” said the update.

The officials discharged various rounds at Marquez, trusting her to be in control of a handgun. The weapon was later resolved to be an “all-dark BB weapon looking like a Beretta 92FS gun.”

The body camera film shows one of the officials spot Marquez with the weapon in the room of her upstairs condo and instantly empties the loft of other crisis responders.

‘ER’ ACTRESS: VANESSA MARQUEZ’S MOTHER shot-and-killed-by-cops/ NBC via Getty Images

The two officials at that point retreat to the base of the stairs and one of them says, “Vanessa, drop whatever is in your grasp at this moment.” Marquez then seems to plummet the stairs pointing the weapon, so, all things considered, Carrillo and Perez discharge numerous rounds.

The recording shows Marquez’s oblivious body on the stairs with the firearm adjacent to her. The head prosecutor decided that “from the point of view of Carrillo and Perez, Marquez was outfitted with a gun and acting inconsistently. In spite of endeavors to convey related to fire orders, Marquez stayed quiet.

She held the handgun in a way that passed on availability to utilize it and slid the stairs with that clear reason. Carrillo saw the firearm pointed toward the officials and Perez depicted a circumstance in which Marquez could have ‘started shooting’ at them in a moment.”

The officials were “supported” in their reaction, dreading their lives to be in “up and coming peril.” A year ago, Marquez’s family documented a $20 million unfair passing claim against the city of South Pasadena, charging, in addition to other things, battery, unlawful passage, bogus capture, and detainment.

Marquez played attendant Wendy Goldman in three periods of ER, the hit NBC clinical dramatization that disclosed somewhere in the range of 1994 and 2009.