Squid Game’s Star O Yeong-su Accused with Sexual Misconduct

Golden Globe Best Supporting Actor, O Yeong-su charged with Sexual Misconduct

The actor O Yeong-su who received a Best Supporting Actor in Golden Globe nominations for his work in the Netflix hit was indicted without being placed in custody on suspicion of having inappropriately touched a woman five years prior, according to AFP and local reports. O played Oh Il-Nam, the oldest game participant, in Netflix’s most-watched show of all time.
Local reports state that after the victim filed an appeal, the case was reopened after being closed earlier this year. According to a local media called JTBC, the said actor admitted that he “held hands with the woman to show the way around a lake” and that while he had apologized, this was not an admission of guilt from his side.
Oh Yeong-su
The AFP news agency stated that in response to the indictment, the Korean Ministry of Culture pulled a government TV ad about regulatory innovation featuring O off the air.
O Yeong-su was born in Kaesong, presently a part of North Korean territory, in 1944. After the 38th parallel became a dividing line and before the inter-Korean war, his family relocated to the U.S.-controlled South.
With his portrayal as the oldest contestant in Netflix’s “Squid Game”, O Yeong-su seemed to be a kind counterpoint amidst a sea of violent self-interest. He was nominated for a PrimeTime Emmy for outstanding supporting actor in a drama series with his Golden Globe award.
Park Hae Soo & Oh Yeong-Su
Park Hae Soo & Oh Yeong-Su | The Hollywood Reporter | Youtube
He professionally started his career in the acting field in 1967 working in live theatre as his primary medium throughout his career.
He claimed to have appeared in more than 200 displays among other stage productions, including A Streetcar Named Desire and Goethe’s “Faust” adaptations in Korean in the year 2013. His highly appreciated performance before “Squid Game” was as the elderly monk in Kim Ki- highly acclaimed “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring.”