Snowdrop Star Kim Mi-soo Passes Away at 29; Cause of Death Unknown

Her latest series Snowdrop is still airing

Korean actress Kim Mi-soo, who was last seen in the romantic drama series Snowdrop, has passed away. She was 29.

The news was shared by her agency Landscape, who stated, “Kim suddenly left us on Jan. 5.” They added that everyone is still deeply sad and urged the media to refrain from giving out false rumours and let her family grieve in peace and privacy. The cause of death is not known yet.

Movie and drama roles

Kim Mi-soo
Seokyong Lee / Penta Press

Kim Mi-soo is a relatively newer actress, and had starred in two movies in 2019, titled Memories and Kyungmi’s World. She has more drama roles to her credit; namely Human Luwak from JTBC, Hi Bye, Mama! from tvN, and Into the Ring on KBS, which came out in 2020. She also had a minor role in 2021’s Netflix series, Hellbound.

She played a student activist in Snowdrop, and shares a women’s dormitory with protagonist Young-ro, played by BLACKPINK member Jisoo. The series comes from JTBC Studios and currently airs on the JTBC network in Korea, and as a Disney Plus Original in the rest of the world.

Snowdrop’s controversy

Kim Mi-soo

Snowdrop is based on true incidents that happened during the 1987 pro-democracy movement. It has already sparked a lot of controversy for being historically accurate, and also for its choice of songs and how North Koreans are portrayed. Many of the show’s sponsors were forced to back off, and even a petition to the president of South Korea has been issued. The petition currently sits at 300,000 signatures. Both the production studio as well as Jisoo’s band BLACKPINK has received black marks due to this.

Kim Mi-soo’s funeral service will be held at Taeneung Sungsim Funeral Home.