“SNL”: Dave Chappelle Spoofs on ‘House Of The Dragon’ Season 2

Dave Chappelle’s unexpected yet funny move on SNL about House of The Dragon: Sneak Peek

Dave Chappelle, returning from a commercial break to the stage on Saturday Night Live to address the audience and ask whether they are watching House of the Dragons, then introducing a mock preview episode of The HBO Series. Dave Chappelle then teased the Saturday Night Live Spoof, saying that Executive Producer Lorne Michaels had managed to get a sneak preview of the second season of his new show. Playing on this overarching issue, Dave Chappelle teased they were going to get a sneak peek at their next season, then introduced a segment.

Credit: NBC

The comedian, Dave Chappelle, joked regarding the Black characters in the show House of the Dragon, further adding that Lorne Michaels, executive producer had secured a sneak peek’ of the show’s second season.

At the beginning of it, Chappelle says ‘The Black characters, they take me out of it a little bit,’ upon the casting of ‘House of the Dragon’.

The spoof was filled with characters and references from Chappelle’s show, The Naughty Sketches, which was hosted by, the show’s original cast member, Donald Rawlings. The segment also featured an unexpected guest appearance by Ice-T, playing a long-lost cousin, Larry Targaryen. One of the characters told Ice-Ts cousin looked just like E.T. while dressing him for Halloween.

As the act began, more people came into view in the discussion of “allies”, which started appearing with Dave Chappelle playing his role in his range as different characters kept showing up, by playing their part in a good eye-catching way.

As hilarious as this might seem, this is not the first time that Dave Chappelle has brought his old characters back in SNL. Back in 2016, the American Comedian took on “The Walking Dead” with his other made-up characters on the show.