Shocking!! Spencer Pratt Calls FRIENDS Star Lisa Kudrow “One Of the Worst Humans Ever”

Spencer Pratt calls FRIENDS star Lisa Kudrow “The Worst”

One of the “Friends” actors gets singled out by Spencer Pratt as being unkind. In a TikTok video, the reality TV star is asked to name “the rudest celebrity you’ve encountered.”

Pratt didn’t have to ponder much before providing an answer. Spencer Pratt, who is most known for his roles in the reality series The Hills in the 2000s, Celebrity Big Brother, and I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Spencer Pratt
Instagram | Spencer Pratt

Pratt answered to a user’s query about the rudest celebrity he’d ever encountered by saying, “Oh, that is simple. Friends’ Phoebe. Calling her Lisa Kudrow,  Spencer Prat said, “Hands down, one of the worst people I’ve ever came in contact with.” “By far.”

Full story awaited…

Pratt vowed to spill all the beans if there was enough interest but withheld the details of his decision. When fans asked him to divulge the whole story, he very slyly for a million views on the videos if they want to know the story. He wrote, “I will consider telling the narrative if this hits million views or more.”

Lisa Kudrow
Instagram | Lisa Kudrow

Spencer Pratt criticizes his “Hot Garbage” and “Hills” co-stars and foresees his involvement in the reboot.

After giving his reaction, Bethenny Frankel from “Real Housewives of New York” also chimed in and said she had a similar encounter with FRIENDS star Lisa Kudrow. She commented, “That’s ridiculous.” She appeared on my talk show, and I also had a bizarre encounter.