Q’orianka Kilcher of Yellowstone is returning for season 5 amid workers’ compensation fraud case

Q’orianka Kilcher returns after Insurance fraud

For season five of Kevin Costner’s western drama series Yellowstone, which some reviewers have termed “anti-woke,” Q’orianka Kilcher will reprise her role as attorney Angela Blue Thunder.

Q’orianka Kilcher’s comeback to the popular show coincides with her ongoing workers’ compensation fraud trial, in which she is charged with claiming disability payments while still being able to work.

The highly anticipated new season’s first trailer, which was just released this past Sunday by the Paramount Network, promises that “everything will be revealed” as the drama plays out at the magnificent Montana ranch.

Q'orianka Kilcher | Yellowstone

According to Deadline, Angela, a tribal lawyer played by Q’orianka Kilcher, was last seen in the season three finale when Rainwater enlisted her assistance in obstructing Market Equities’ ambitions to develop Montana.

By the time season four came to a close, Kelly Reilly’s character Beth (who had successfully thwarted Market Equities) had earned Caroline’s pledge to imprison her for corporate espionage. All the competitive turmoil is the ideal prelude to bringing Angela back for season five, which will probably see her working with Beth once more.

Real-life drama in Q’orianka Kilcher’s life

The California Department of Insurance stated in July that Q’orianka Kilcher had been charged with two felonies for workers’ compensation fraud after receiving roughly $97,000 in disability benefits, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Nearly two months after the California Department of Insurance made public Q’Orianka’s real-life drama, the news of her comeback to the well-liked Western series was announced.

After receiving over $97,000 in disability benefits, the actress was charged with two felonies counts of workers’ compensation fraud in July, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Her lawyer, Michael Becker, said the actress intends to “vigorously defend herself and requests that she be allowed the presumption of innocence both in and outside the courthouse” in a statement to Entertainment Weekly.

In October 2018, Q’orianka Kilcher, 32, allegedly suffered neck and right shoulder injuries while shooting on the movie Dora And The Lost City of Gold. According to CDI, she visited a doctor that year but halted her treatment and ignored the insurance provider managing her claim.

A year later, Kilcher allegedly informed a physician overseeing the insurance claim that although she had been given job, she was unable to accept it due to excruciating neck pain brought on by her injuries.

Q'orianka Kilcher | Yellowstone

Between 2019 and 2021, she got a total of $96,838 in temporary disability compensation.

The actress Kilcher, who is seen in a scene from the movie Dora And The Lost City of Gold, allegedly suffered injuries to her neck and right shoulder while filming on the movie in October 2018.

However, the insurance department alleges that following an examination, it was found that Kilcher had actually worked on Yellowstone for many months in 2019, which was during the time she claimed to be disabled by her injuries.

The statement read, “According to documents, she went back to the doctor and began getting disability benefits five days after she last worked on the show.” Kilcher ultimately turned herself in to the police and was charged with fraud in May.

According to the star’s lawyer, she was injured as a passenger in a production car. The CDI asserts that Kilcher worked on the series at that time, despite Kilcher apparently telling the insurance claim’s doctor a year after her purported injury that she had been offered work but couldn’t accept it due to excruciating neck pain from her injury.

Two installments of seven episodes each will make up the fifth season of Yellowstone.

Beginning with a two-hour season five debut episode on November 13 on the Paramount Network, the Dutton family prepares to protect their ranch land.

With more than 14 million viewers overall, Yellowstone just completed its wildly successful fourth season, which earned it the title of cable’s best watched show. More than 10 million people watched the season four finale.