Shocking! Drew Barrymore Slammed for being racist after copying ‘black men frolicking’ trend on TikTok

Drew Barrymore attacked for being racist! Is she?

In a TikTok video of herself enjoying a downpour, Drew Barrymore was called racist by onlookers who thought she had ripped off the “black guys frolicking” fad.

An irate fellow TikTok user with the handle @amushroomblackly made the accusation.

Due to the fact that the video resembled a ‘frolicking’ trend started by black TikTokers earlier this year, she claimed that Drew Barrymore was an example of a colonizer “who disregard and dismiss the boundaries that black innovators have imposed.”

Drew Barrymore

In the video, Drew Barrymore shared with her 6.5 million followers, she joyfully strolls around in the pouring rain with a wide smile while admonishing her audience to “go outside into the rain whenever you can! Don’t pass up the chance.

You and I both know you are capable of enjoying the rain, frolicking freely, without filming it and publishing it on TikTok, said amushroomblackly in a weird comment to the actress’s video.

In her TikTok video, Barrymore joyfully exhorts viewers to experience the rain whenever they can as she strolls outside a house in the rain.

She takes off her spectacles and allows the rain to fall on her face, but an irate TikToker has called her acts racist.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore garners some support

Playing in the rain has become a racist image, another TikToker remarked in support of Drew Barrymore.

In a video uploaded to Libs of TikTok’s Twitter account, she pointed at the camera and said, “And now you’re one of those people.”

The TikToker was upset over a May trend that showed black males having fun while racing around in fields or other natural surroundings. The fad immediately caught on and went viral.

Why is it so vital to all of you to treat us like we don’t matter, I guess my question would be? Before laughing and ending the tape, Barrymore’s accuser alleged.

Drew Barrymore

The hashtag #blackmenfrolicking was used more than 600,000 times on TikTok as more black individuals joined in the fun. As other black women joined the movement, it eventually expanded to new audiences.

Upon reading the article, one Twitter user criticized the public. Shukri Abdullahi Abdirahman, a politician, tweeted, “I’m so completely perplexed. Someone, please enlighten me as to the relationship between playing in the rain and black folks.

The infamous social media user Libs of TikTok, who mockingly responded to the offended user’s words where she said that she’s completely perplexed. Someone, please let her know how playing in the rain is related to black people. Or are there historical instances of white people playing in the rain committing atrocities against black people?

In a related video that she published in May, Drew Barrymore once more urged viewers to get outside and take advantage of the rain.

Drew Barrymore has previously talked about her famous rain video and how viewers recreated it.

Drew Barrymore

She stated to People that she is such a hippy that whenever she sees rain, all she can think about is going outside to get a little baptism from Mother Nature while being completely carefree. She elaborated that she tends to stress and worry a lot. She is not a hippie either, and she considers herself to be a person who likes to take initiative, run a business, and do tasks. And a great deal of anxiety and tension follow from that. “Rain serves as a reminder to relax and quit overanalyzing everything,” she concluded.