Sandra Bullock All Set To Leave Hollywood For Her Kids Temporarily

Sandra Bullock Wants To Stay With Her Kids Away From Hollywood

Sandra Bullock who is widely known for her powerful roles is planning to take a break from Hollywood soon. Well, the 57-years-old actress has now decided that she wants to be completely available to her two kids Louis and Laila. Single parenting mother, has recently spoken about her motherhood plans and here’s what else she’s up to in her life.

Sandra Bullock is a mother to two adopted kids Louis & Laila

Sandra Bullock

While Bullock married to Jesse James in the year 2005, it was by the 2010 that the couple separated following a divorce. However, motherhood was always been on her card and she solely opted for adopting two kids. Her son Louis, 12 and daughter Laila, 10 is now single-handedly parented by Bullock.

Her kids Louis Bullock was adopted in the year 2010 while five years later she adopted her daughter Laila. However, ever since then she has been dating her photographer boyfriend Bryan Randall. Randall too has a daughter Skylar.

Oscar winning actress to appear in The Lost City Film

The Lost City
Paramount Pictures

While the actress made it clear that she has always devoted her “24/7” to her work. She is now determined to give her all time to her kids & family. Meanwhile, while she is all set to take a break from her work. Her recent project arriving is The Lost City. The official trailer for the movie has already released though.

The Lost City is an American romcom adventure that features Sandra Bullock, Daniel Radcliffe, Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt, etc. The movie is set to release in United States on 25th March this summer. Coming under Paramount Pictures, it would certainly be after this movie that Sandra would take her break for her family with her break duration still not known.