Safaree Responds To Phallic Faker Allegations Upon Leaked Sex Tape

Safaree Breaks Silence on his Sex Tape Leaking!

The recent video release hasn’t made Safaree Samuels happy, but he still needs to tell his fans the real truth about his…assets.

After a sex tape of him and Kimbella Matos made its way online this past weekend, the Love & Hip Hop star became a hot subject on social media. Safaree had another significant problem he felt compelled to address, namely the size of his penis. While many people would only be concerned that their intimate footage was there for everyone to view, Safaree had another significant concern.

Instagram | Safaree

Samuels is a regular on OnlyFans, thus many of his fans have already seen his garbage before this clip was leaked. However, the assets he displayed in the leaked tape were less substantial than the big member admirers are used to seeing on his OF profile, sparking accusations of “d**k fishing.”

Safaree responded to his unhappy viewers on Twitter by informing them that the obscene material on his Only Fans is authentic. Adding that in the leaked tape with Matos, he wasn’t really “eroused” (aroused).

Samuels replied to a fan, “Y’all know damn well I wasn’t hard in that video. “I don’t need any promo to be leaking any sex tape featuring a weak ass half erupted! Being referred to as a “Di#% fisher” disgusts me. Being called that one out of everything I’ve ever been called hurts. Your onlyfans videos can’t be faked! You’d like!”

Instagram | Safaree

Safaree continued by commenting on the tape’s disclosure, claiming he doesn’t want his kids to see things like that. Despite the fact that he had indicated that he has a massive amount of additional explicit content on OnlyFans.

He wrote, “I have kids at the end of the day and I don’t want them growing up seeing that bullsh**.” Why wait till now to do some s**t like that when my life is excellent where it is? You can see my flesh, but I don’t want anyone to witness me having sex. Everything makes my mother go, “Wtf!?!?” “I have horrible buddies urging me to produce a new video and show em what time it is on my only fans I’m like BRUh I’m not a porn star,” Samuels stated. Girls who are familiar with me say, “Ugh, the world doesn’t need to know what time it is; we know that.” The web is a dangerous place.

Safaree Samuels is upset that his sex tape has leaked online, and Matos has not yet commented on what has happened.

Indeed, the internet is a strange world.