Russell Crowe Refutes PJ Horgan’s Claim of Failed Audition in a Savage Reply

Russell Crowe took over the twitter after the PJ Horgan’s comment over his worst table reads

Russell Crowe has refused a claim made on him by the director PJ Hogan over his worst table reads auditions. The director, PJ Horgan said Russell Crowe was her first choice to be starred opposite Julia Roberts in My Bestfriend’s Wedding. She wanted Crowe to play the role of Michael, the best friend.

Julia Roberts

The director’s affirmation over the actor’s audition

The director claimed that during the audition with Russell Crowe she experienced one of the worst table reads she experienced. She remembered that Russell gripped the script, stared at it, and started reading it in a monotone. He didn’t even glance at his oppositely seated Julia Roberts.

According to the director the actress, Julia Roberts at one point was leaning over the table so that the actor Crowe makes eye contact during his monotone read of the script. After the read, Crowe approached the director and said it went out well and at that exact point PJ Horgan knew Russell won’t be part of the movie My Bestfriend’s Wedding.

The actor’s speak out through twitter

Russell Crowe who took over Twitter and tweeted that he had never done a table read with Julia Roberts and denies the director’s claim as of pure imagination on behalf of the director. The 58 years, Oscar-winning New Zealand actor further wrote in his tweet that he had never auditioned for the film.

Russell Crowe twitter response

My Best Friend’s Wedding cast and plot insight

My Best Friend’s Wedding which is released on the year 1997 is an American romantic comedy film directed by PJ Horgan and starring Julia Roberts along with Dermot Mulroney, Rupert Everett, and Cameron Diaz.

Rupert Everett

The plot revolved around a woman whose long-time best friend revealed he is engaged and at the moment she found out she is herself in love with him and set to get him at no cost before his wedding.
The movie performed as a global box office hit and had got positive comments over its storyline.