I Love You, You Hate Me: The Must-Watch Dark Documentary Breaks Many Myths

I Love You, You Hate Me: The New era with love as alienated stuff

In the era of hate and crime being common everywhere, the topic or action of love seems to be quite alienated. Sometimes these love words become a part of the scam and hence in today’s world using love words itself seems to be scary. As for today’s scenario, crime series or documentaries, or society with dark secrets has been buzzing around the TV or the internet. But for the Peacock’s I Love You, You Hate Me, the story is different.

Barney and Friends

The children Show Barney and Friends with a new documented series

The former neo-Nazi turned anti-hate activist, Sheryl Leach who has been the creator of the show I love you, You hate me hosts a massage to his views about unconditional love, support, and friendships. The show took a character from the beloved children’s show Barney and Friends and used the purple dinosaur Barney for the show I love you, you hate me to depict a positive message.

the original poster

I love you, you hate me the inspirational idea

Sheryl Leach who was also the creator of the show Barney and Friends came up with the universal love idea and inputted it in the show I love you, you hate me. The upcoming show I love you, you hate me is an extended documented version of the Barney and Friends show which was quite popular among the kids and ended up having 14 seasons.

The series plot revolution

The extended documentaries of Barney and friends tell about the darkness behind Barney. The documentary somehow tells about the dark past of the creator Sheryl Leach and her son Patrick Leach and the times during 1988 when Barney’s show faced a myriad of hate from the people calling it podophilic and abusive.

I love you, you hate me

The new version of the Barney show, I love, you hate me depicts two dark kinds of stuff like how violent and graphic images of Barney getting shot, killed, or beaten which were continuously repeated, and the end 15 minutes of the show a mysteriously dark past happened with the creator and her son.

The trailer of the show