Rhys Darby’s humorous “Family Feud” response, “This game’s going to hell,” left Steve Harvey perplexed.

On Sunday’s episode of Celebrity Family Feud, confusion made for amusement when Steve Harvey failed to comprehend Rhys Darby’s response.

Darby, the hero of the immensely popular HBO Max series Our Flag Means Death, may have forgotten that the U.S. provides the responses for the game’s surveys because he shocked the host with a quite unusual colloquialism.

“Passed away” is a polite way to indicate someone died; what is a less polite way?” questioned Steve Harvey.

Darby paused for a time before responding, “I’d want to say, “carked it.”

The other competitors laughed at Harvey’s statement, but he needed some time to think it through. He inquired as to what Darby meant by “corked,” and the New Zealand actor made an effort to define it.

What happened to that individual, for example? Oh, he’s fucked it, said Darby. Since it’s an acronym for “carcass,”

Harvey seemed more frustrated as Darby and his buddies struggled to explain the phrase.

“What the hell is happening? Sometimes I also need subtitles for these folks,” Harvey stated. “This game is about to go to hell.”

The phrase was absent from the board and is most commonly used in Australia and New Zealand. Many viewers were shocked to see this.

The lack of the term “carked it” in the vocabulary of Americans is a loss for them. — Kaitia Friar (@BasicBishopNZ) August 8, 2022 Advertisement

Darby’s team lost that one round, but they still managed to win the match. In fact, during the bonus round, Darby’s five responses ranked first overall. Algalita Marine Research and Education also benefited from his $25,000 donation.

ABC broadcasts Celebrity Family Feud on Sundays at 8 p.m.

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