My Hero Academia Season 6 Confirms Release Date, Pro Hero Visuals and more!!details inside!!

With a new trailer, My Hero Academia Season 6 confirms its release date.

My Hero Academia’s upcoming sixth season, which debuts on October 1 in Japan, has a new key image that features 10 of the program’s Pro Heroes.

Recently, it was revealed that Crunchyroll would start streaming the programme in October across North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and the CIS.

The manga series by Kouhei Horikoshi, which started serialisation in 2014 and includes 35 tankoubon volumes as of July 2022, is the basis for the television show My Hero Academia. The manga from Shueisha is serialised in Weekly Shonen Jump and distributed by Jump Comics.

Kenji Nagasaki, as chief director, Masahiro Mukai, as director, Yousuke Kuroda, as series composer and playwright for Studio Orphee, Yoshihiko Umakoshi, Hitomi Odashima, as character designers, and Yuuki Hayashi, as music composer, all reprise their Season 5 roles.

The anime version of My Hero Academia’s sixth season has officially confirmed the launch date for its interpretation of the Paranormal Liberation Arc, so get ready to go Plus Ultra once more.

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The sixth season of Studio Bones’ adaptation of the bestselling manga by Kohei Horikoshi, which was announced as being in development at the end of the fifth season’s final episode, debuted on June 19th.

The trailer opens with a shot of Deku Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro looking into the distance and saying that their fight against the villainous organization is “finally starting.” The clip highlights the three assault force whose combined hero-and-police memberships will aim to bring down the Paranormal Liberation Front.

The next scene in the teaser has Endeavor (CV: Tetsu Inada, Jz Kadokura, Tomodachi Game) formally beginning a raid on Jaku General Hospital, which conceals the “Quirkless” Dr. Kyoudai’s (CV: Minoru Inaba, Dale, Disney) Nomu-producing villain factory and Shigaraki’s current sleeping quarters.

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The scene then switches to Hawk (CV: Yuichi Nakamura, Satoru Goj, Jujutsu Kaisen), who has already become friends with Twice while on an undercover mission with the Paranormal Liberation Front, expressing regret for tricking the bad guy.

Hawks apologizes to Twice, calling them “Devil’s pawns” as he knows he would eventually betray the man he considers to be a genuinely nice guy.

Eraser is also seen getting ready to exact revenge on everyone who was subjected to Dr. Kyoudai’s experiments by lifting his goggles in retaliation for everyone whose lives and bodies were tinkered with before being abandoned.

The Villa Raid Team’s assault on the Gunga Mountain Villa, the PLF’s administrative center, is the centerpiece of the trailer after a few brief flashes of some of the other UA soldiers, notably Shemage and Midnight.

The rear Villa Backup Team, which is mostly made up of kids from Class 1-A, waits in anticipation of any villains who could manage to slip past the front line while the unit’s first wave pushes forward.

The series’ primary antagonists are then introduced in the teaser, most notably Dabi (CV: Hiro Shimono, Zenitsu Agatsuma, Demon Slayer), who launches an attack after learning that Hawks is aware of his real name:

Regarding Hawks, Twice (CV: Daichi Endo, Mon Kai, Baki), who feels betrayed and hurt, has started yelling at the person he thought was his friend.

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We soon observe the Evacuation Team, led by Burning and composed primarily of UA trainees, racing down from their mountaintop starting location to begin their mission of clearing the area around Jaku General Hospital and relocating the occupants to safety.

At some point, Hawks, the man of the moment, joins the battle against Twice while still harboring a sliver of hope that he might persuade him to change sides.

Hawks tells his friend directly, “I’ve come this far, and I’m not going to make the mistake,” leaving his emotions at the door.

The teaser concludes with a shot of Shigaraki (CV: Kiki Uchiyama, Roxas, Kingdom Hearts series), who is in the process of fusing with All for One, saying, “I’m not supposed to put this out, no matter what,” after one final montage of the season’s major characters.

Along with the trailer, Studio Bones also unveiled two new key images for the season, both of which shows Deku in one of his “charged up states”: