Preparations for BTS’ First Physical Concert After Pandemic in Full Swing! Details Below

V to perform sitting down in BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE

BTS‘ first live concert of this year has been confirmed to take place from 24th of October to 2nd November. However, this time it will be little different as V will perform the whole show sitting down.

Big Hit Music’ statement

This news was confirmed by their agency Big Hit Music. They said in statements that they are sharing some information regarding the performance of V as part of “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE. On 23rd October evening, V who is also known as Kim Taehyung got injured during rehearsal and experienced pain in his calf muscle.

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When V visited hospital the medical personnel assured that there is no issue affecting the bones in his leg, but also said that the singer should refrain from choreography or stage performances for few days.

The agency added that V himself strongly wants to participate in the performance in full. However, the agency has chosen to follow the physician’ advice. And because of that they have minimize his movements during the performance. Big Hit Music said that V will take part in BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE while sitting and without choreography.

In conclusion they said that they will continue to place the highest priority on the artists’ health and ensure that they meet their fans in full health.

ARMY wishes speedy recovery to V

BTS fans from the whole world who are also known as ARMY supported and wished good health for the singer via twitter. Some of them twitted saying V’ voice is more than enough for them, it alone can make everyone happy.

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The 4 concerts of BTS are held at the SoFi stadium at LA. Live can be watched by fans through multi-view streaming service where they can experience it from six different angles.