Pope Francis’ Official Instagram Account Liked a Racy Picture of a Model – Is is True or another Digital Rumour? Read Below to Know More

It seems like a super strange social media issue has resurfaced on the internet and people are left surprised and are unable to react to this incident that seems to be too good to be real! What is this all about? Well, read the article to get into the details!

Pope Francis’ Instagram Account Liked A Racy Picture Of A Model!

Pope Francis’ Instagram account is making headlines for liking a racy and bold picture that is recently posted by bikini model Natalia Garibotto. Followers were quick to notice that the picture of the model posing in a short shirt and suspenders was liked by the Pope’s official Instagram account.

This one Insta ’like’ has left people all shocked and surprised at the same time, while some are assuming that it must be an internet glitch and we wonder whether this alleged like that is in question is real or not! However, the whole liking incident has left fans shocked! This has given rise to several memes and comments that shows how fans simply cannot have enough of this new found fiasco!


People Are Having Different Reaction To The Whole Instagram ’Like Act’!

Natalia Garibotto, on the other hand, is all amused with this whole social media fiasco and gave it a rather humorous touch by saying that now at least she is going to heaven! Some people are not thrilled with this whole liking the picture act and is demanding that it should be removed at once.

Some people are really happy with one person even tweeting about it saying now that’s the kind of Pope he likes! Pope Francis recently congratulated Joe Biden on his big win in the presidential elections.