Playing In NFL is Equal to Literal “Slavery” Says Former Quarterback Turned Activist Colin Kaepernick

Colin in Black and White explains how boys get into the league

Colin in Black and White” is an American fictional drama that was released on 29th October 2021. It is a Netflix-based series that has six episodes. Although the drama is said to be fictional, a lot of things in the show are inspired by the incidents that happened with Colin. 

“Colin in Black and White” is said to have performed neutral. Rotten Tomatoes has given it a 77% approval rating whereas Metacritic has assigned it 77 out of 100.  

However, “Colin in Black and White” is getting trending for its ultimate attack on the NFL way of selecting players. He has compared playing for NFL is equal to trade in slavery. Below is what “Colin in Black and White” shows its audience. 

Colin Kaepernick’s Netflix series compares NFL training with slavery

Colin’s Netflix documentary “Colin in Black and White” starts with an explanation that how players first get into the league. It is nothing but trying out for a team that initially begins with the combine. The cameras follow him to where the officials are looking and the players are practicing. 

Colin who is also the narrator of the series says in the series that players with potential are paraded out. The parading out is done right in front of the coaches, scouts, and owners who definitely know the talent of their on-field abilities. Colin also says that the coaches tell their guys to be strong and play like a beast.

The next scene is where players are standing shirtless (all black) on an auction block. White masters then come and see over who to buy and whom to exchange. What he meant to say and show is that kids who enter this game might not know but they are being groomed under the slave system.

Team of “Colin in Black and White”

“Colin in Black and White” is created by Ava DuVernay along with Colin Kaepernick. It stars Jaden Michael, Colin Kaepernick, Mary Parker, and Nick Offerman. It is also executively produced by Ava DuVernay, Colin Kaepernick, and Paul Garnes.