Pet Episode 2: Plot, Streaming, and Preview and everything else you need to know.

Another Manga series has been adapted into an anime television series. ‘Pet’ written and illustrated by Ranjō Miyake has been serialised into a Japanese series by Geno Studio, and hence, is a new addition to the world of Anime. The series was launched on 6th January 2020 and streams on Amazon Prime for a global reach. The first episode titled “The Crushers” (translation) was released with the next episode to be shortly followed by on 13th January.


The series based on the remastered edition of the manga from 2009 is a supernatural suspense story. It circles around the people who are bestowed with special abilities to infiltrate people’s minds and manipulate their memories. The supernatural powers are being misused by the underworld to cover up atrocious deeds.

Pet Episode 2: Plot, Streaming, and Preview
Picture: YouTube

The powers have the ability to not just cause spirits of others to falter but the powers could corrupt the mind of its users. These people despite being supernaturally powerful are called ‘pets’ out of fear to protect their fragile self.


A sixteen-second teaser or preview for episode 2 has been uploaded on YouTube.


The show is series of 13 episodes and with episode 1 already been premiered, episode 2 is set to stream on 13th January on Amazon Prime. It’s a weekly show and airs every Monday in Japan on the AT-X channel at 10:00 PM JST. The partnership between Twin Engine and Amazon Prime facilitates a worldwide viewership of this new animated series.