Parks and Recreation Actor ‘Micah Beals’ Arrested for Vandalizing George Floyd’s Statue

 Actor Micah Beals arrested

Actor Micah Beals was arrested on October 3rd for vandalizing the statue of George Floyd. The former Parks and Recreation actor was arrested earlier this month for throwing paint on the statue. The statue is situated in Manhattan Park in Union Square. He is known by his stage name Micah Femia. Beals was known for his appearance once on NBC series Parks and Recreation in 2011 and CSI: NY in 2012. 

Initially, when the NYPD Hate Crimes department issued a tweet saying that an anonymous person was seen throwing a can of spray paint. It also further had the details regarding the person saying that the person had a grey paint can and was on a skateboard. The person threw the paint on the statue’s face and base while rolling on his skateboard. 

The actor’s run-ins with the law

On 25th October NYPD tweeted the identity of the male, stating the identity is of the actor  Micah Beals, aged 37. It also states that he was arrested on the charge of vandalism. The video showed that the actor waited for some time in the park and then after vandalizing left on his skateboard. This is not the first time the actor has been arrested, he was also arrested previously on January 6th for violating the rights of the curfews during Capitol Riots in Washington DC. 

He also appeared in some minor roles in web series, commercials, and music videos in his career.  The actor was from Michigan. He was reportedly released for now and now he is ordered to appear before the judge on November 1st. He is known to have run-ins with the law since 2002. It was also reported that it will take $2000 dollars to remove the paint off the statue.