Orlando Brown’s and Bow Wow’s Shocking Split Leaves Fans Stumped.

On Tuesday, the 34-year-old actor, rapper, and singer, best known for his part in the comedy That’s So Raven, appeared on the podcast Funny Marco (July 12).

While Brown has maintained a relatively modest internet profile lately, the viral interview has made him the focus of social media.

Since he mentioned Bow Wow, his name has been popular.

What was said by Orlando Brown?

On Funny Marco’s podcast on Tuesday, Orlando Brown had a special chat with the latter.

During the 25-minute conversation, Brown named a number of celebrities, including Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, and Raven Symone. However, one scene from the episode caught people’s attention online when Brown mentioned fellow actor and musician Bow Wow.

Brown said, “The last time it was hot when Bow Wow was on TV,” when Funny Marco asked him when he had last watched the music video program 106 & Park.

Brown responded, “I ain’t got no problem with Bow Wow,” when funny Marco inquired about Brown’s relationship with Bow Wow. Bow Wow is the real deal.

Orlando Brown and Bow Wow have been contacted by HITC for comment.

Brown’s allegation has confused many followers, and several used Twitter to react with humorous memes.

One person tweeted, “I need Orlando Brown to sit down and elaborate on his claims.

One person submitted a hilarious meme depicting a person startled to the point of falling off their chair:

Another user tweeted with the title, “Bow Wow when he views the Orlando Brown clip”:

Another supporter was visibly perplexed by Brown’s assertion:

Some users believe Brown became perplexed.

Some Twitter users suggested Brown might have misunderstood and intended Lil Mama instead. Some users drew the comparison since Bow Wow and Lil Mama have long been the subject of fan jokes for their similar appearances.

Lil Mama made an appearance in a 2007 episode, while Bow Wow hosted the program from 2012 to 2013.

“Someone suggested Orlando Brown was referring to Lil Mama when he mentioned Bow Wow and I died,” one fan wrote in a tweet.

Another person questioned whether Orlando Brown was being serious or making a joke about Bow Wow and Lil Mama. [I’m confused]

“Maybe Orlando Brown definitely meant Lil Mama,” a third supporter guessed.

Lil Mama has also been contacted by HITC for comment.

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