One Piece Announces New Movie ‘Red’ – Teaser Trailer Featuring Shanks is Out

Will Shanks Steal the Spotlight yet again?

2021 is now a memorable year for One Piece. Not only did the anime hit a new milestone with 1000 episodes, but Netflix has announced its live-action series as well. And now, a whole new original movie is in the works, titled One Piece: Red. The trailer dropped on November 20th, and it blew up, particularly due to a special character’s arrival being teased.

The last One Piece movie we got was 2019’s One Piece: Stampede, as part of the franchise’s 20th anniversary. Now, let’s discuss Red.

About the new movie

Toei Animation

The movie’s trailer was released in celebration of the show’s 1000th episode, and comes from Shueisha and Toei Animation. The movie will have creator Eiichiro Oda as the creative supervisor and Goro Taniguchi as director. The only character that was featured in the teaser was Red-Haired Shanks, and seeing him was enough to bring the hype.

Fans are hoping that he will have a major role, and not just small appearances like in the main storyline. But the last movie brought many of the anime’s popular characters and was a love letter to the fans, so we can expect that this movie will not disappoint anyone either.

Creator’s note

Luffy and Shanks
Toei Animation

Fans are questioning if the movie will be canon to the main story. Shanks was revealed to have ties to Wano, the small country that is not affiliated with the world government. Featuring Shanks in the movie definitely makes the movie look like it’s tied to the main story. Moreover, Eiichiro Oda also mentioned that Shanks will be making his move in the near future, so this could be the one.

The movie will be exciting and answering some questions, nonetheless. It will release in Japan on August 6th, 2022.