New Update of ‘Marvel Contest of Champion’ Video Game. Know what new stuff is added now

After getting success in Marvel movies, Kabam Game came with a Video game based on Marvel series. In 2014 ‘Marvel Contest of Champion’ video game was released, which was developed by Kabam Games.

The game made an entry in  December 2014 on the Android and IOS platforms. The concept of the video game was adopted from the comic book ‘Contest of Champion.’ The game became popular after the initial launch and was appreciated by critics as well.

The concept of Marvel contest of champion is based on combat between a powerful superhero and a strong opponent. As usual, you have to defeat the enemies to win the game. After winning the game, you will get lots of wizards and prize.

In the game, you have the option of in-app purchases where the player can access the things by paying small fractions. The video game provides you to prepare your own team of Superheroes in the gameplay.

Specifications of the game

The game is crafted for the player above 12 years as the game has a rating of 12 +. We can easily download the game from Google Play Store and iOS store. As of now, more than a hundred million users have downloaded the game so far.

New Update and Review

On 13 April 2020, the new update of the game was launched. This update provides access to the new superheroes which were not available in the games so far. This is a 27.0.0 version of the game. The new version is liked by the player as it provides a better experience than before.

This video game also got nomination under the ‘Best Action’ game in 2019. The game is available in the various mode including Arcade which was developed by Raw Thrills based on a model of Captain America

  Game new update!

  • A new power has been given to Red Widow to get back a lost mind control weapons.
  • The player will be awarded if they defeat the opponents as challenged by Red Rouen Academy.