Bloons TD 6 : All updates about the Mobile Game

The classical tower defense template does not feel a bit worn out. It’s not exactly unfair to say There are a few excellent games in the category, but a developer must do something really special to stand out today. Which takes us to TD 6. It is a game that relies heavily on the past, and while it looks great, it does not bring anything new to the formulation that we all start getting tired of.

Yes, the monkeys and the ballons are there, but the is a lack of strategy and creative planning to make it feel pretty good. Every struggle is carried out on a map. It is up to you to put your monkey strength on that map so that no evil balloons can do this on this road. It is up to you to do so.

A lot of monkeys can be chosen from, but you have to unlock them in playing. Aunts, monks in places, pirates, ninja monkeys, and apes can fire blasts of magical energies. There’s plenty of darts. To be frank, though, the methods are often the same, no matter what monkey you use. Defend the stumbling blocks on the map and you can quickly move through all 20 motions.

The match, though, has a range of tricks. Every of your monkey towers has its own trees for upgrading. And only simians with the right upgrades will destroy any balloons later on the waves. But particularly in easy fashion, you get so much cash from the killing that just building up everything you want is simple.

In other ways, things are more complicated, but the same basic concepts remain. Here is some nice lighting, but this is all Bloons TD 6 offers at the top.  It’s just a shiny twist, full of explosions and antiques, but once you’ve all gone, nothing else needs to be written about.